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A free version of a much loved 80s platformer

Miner 2049er Again is a free arcade platform game, based on the 80s Atari 800 game Miner 2049er.

You guide Bob around dangerous polluted mines, cleaning them up and collecting any valuable objects you find along the way. The radioactive pollution has created mutants that will kill Bob if he touches them, so must be carefully avoided. If you find a mining pick, the mutants become vulnerable, and the tables are turned as now they perish when touched.

The controls are extremely simple, and while the gameplay is faithful t o the original game, it feels smoother and a little more modern! The cheerful cartoon graphics are simple but clear. The animation is disappointing, but the important gameplay affecting things like collision detection are well done.

On the downside, the sound can be irritating, and although you are given an extra life every five levels, there is no save, so you start from the beginning every new game.

If you like platform games, Miner 2049er Again is a playable and challenging free game that will please newcomers and veterans alike.


  • Simple gameplay
  • Challenging
  • Bright, cheerful graphics


  • Irritating sound
  • No save game


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